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since jon still hasn't posted...

your name: ashley jean
age: 19
location: sacramento area
interests: being the biggest nerd ever ;), music, reading, school (finishing school so i can teach kid's with down syndrome!!!), photography, art, being a conspiracy theorist (haha jon loves me for that one)
three words to describe yourself: dorky, loud and friendly
your partner's name: jonathan
your partner's livejournal username: thefall
their age: 21
their location: sacramento area
their interests: being even dorkier than me (i'm not kidding either he's really really really really weird and i know viggy will agree with me!), music, recording, painting/drawing, guitar, his cat that viggy and I are going to kill someday, and of course ME ;)
three words to describe them: beautiful, shy, and incredibly sweet

he doesn't question my shit

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